Just last week, Chicago was ranked the best city in the U.S. for urban hermits—AKA, homebodies who love Netflix and chilling. Paradoxically, this week the city earned another high ranking for a category on the complete other end of the spectrum. According to a new report, Chicago is also the third best city for active living.

1100813256_cbb5b2a550_b (1)Fuzzy Gerdes via Flickr

Trailing only behind Boston and San Francisco, Chicago scored high on active living measures like ease of access to parks, walking paths, biking, and public transit. The study notes that each criteria provides insights into a community’s overall well-being, and that active communities tend to have infrastructure in place that allows residents to thrive. Cities with higher bike and parks scores had stronger correlations with lower obesity, diabetes, and blood pressure, while higher walking and transit scores led to increased satisfaction with the city’s housing.

6953958889_a5605785da_kMarlin Keesler via Flickr

Chicago scored highest on walking, followed by biking, which makes sense, as the city was also named the bike-friendliest place in America by Bicycling Magazine. The new active living accolades are worth celebrating before the snow rolls in—so head on out there and get moving.

[Featured Image: Marlin Keesler via Flickr]

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