Chicago’s star—and its classification as a legitimate food city—only continues to rise. The just-released list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants includes Windy City establishment Alinea, which at 15th is just below New York’s 3rd place and beats San Francisco’s mere 27th place.

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At the hands of Chef Grant Achatz and Michael Bagale, food is like an imaginative playscape. You might have heard of their famous flavored balloons, which are totally edible and filled with helium, but there are other delicious, off-the-wall delights to be found here. For example, you’ll see dishes served in hand-chipped ice bowls, bonfires held right at the table, and dessert painted to look like a Jackson Pollock painting. Here is a video of some of the crazy stuff they make here.

As the list’s review of the establishment noted, they tend to “blur the lines between art and food.” It is seriously cool.

Located at 1723 North Halsted, this Chicago spot can now revel in its ranking and three Michelin stars. Time to start making those reservations (which, after this announcement, will probably get in you around, oh, next year or so).

Have you been to Alinea?

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