Chicago, dotted out right along the water, is a city of beautiful architecture and some pretty memorable views. It’s no wonder, then, that it inspires artists to put their ink and paint to paper to sketch out lovely, detailed maps of the place. Each artist has their own spin on the Windy City, which is a lot of fun to look at and see which landmarks they choose to highlight. Here are 18 unique, gorgeous illustrated maps of Chicago.

e357f4e71bda1a22f789a51d6121a729T.S. Shure Pictorial Map of Chicago
838c1c9e7c7edcfa9620ea3c63354a4bAnna Simmons
chicago-1024x1024Courtney Jentzen of Swiss Cottage Designs
chicago_2016Carissa Potter & Heather Van Winckle of People I've Loved
303c72cea7c876831ec89f1448cb4348Kirby Salvador
1c3e202c2331ca2ab7ccb9c5fe470938Kelly Mindell via StudioDIY
CfS1QmoWEAAHyQ7Sarah Paretsky
98b13c77fb8cfe3e0fde8b863ead3bebMichael Hill
ea9c72227ebef02bdc04a21fdae52661Bratislav Milenkovic
84c8a6c9266a40ade66b38b40a6c6989Jacques Liozu
5acb690bdf515d36664df1cc96d59affJan Feliks Kallwejt
57958767eb1d089b1eb63c67b440c221Vidhya Nagarajan
521595Paper Source
737f70398690757102ca3ecd5937d16eContact us for proper credit
il_fullxfull.775018147_od59Merve and Didar of WhitespaceAndDaisy
b9408ee536e0749ade056b2910fe6d58Evelyn Henson
91751dbad0b4c7f149f25cff7ee01465Anna Simmons

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