When most tourists visit Cloud Gate, they use it to take a #mirrorselfie. While this horrible misuse of The Bean continues, there are some who find ways to make things interesting and really take in the artistry of the piece. These ten pictures go to show that not everyone who visits Cloud Gate is there to show off their OOTD.

1. It’s a Chicago snow globe.

4278343207_e688f452f0_oM. Clarise Moore via Flickr

2. Looks like a fun house under there.

A photo posted by Stanleyjhan (@stanleyjhan) on

3. Change your perspective.

A photo posted by T (@h_aybales) on

4. A little rain makes a big difference.

46581022_6acd9e4381_oJordan Fischer via Flickr

5. Has science gone too far?! Wait…

6. A different take on the skyline.

6309813389_bd0be17e14_bMike Warot via Flickr


7. Be one with The Bean.

A photo posted by Lozza Cleary (@cosmic.yoga) on

8. Otherworldly.

get out of my brainScott Swigart

9. Inception, anyone?

A photo posted by Jax (@jaxiemarie) on

10. Hard to tell where the sky ends and Cloud Gate begins.

A photo posted by KAPL (@nilyakl) on

Have you seen any cool snaps of The Bean?

[Featured image: Scott Swigart via Flickr]

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